Prometheus Productions
Providing a broad range of creative marketing services including
web design, advertising, brochures, trade-show exhibits, PowerPoint presentations, technical graphics and copywriting.

Maybe you've priced creative services through ad agencies and design firms and just maybe you survived the "sticker shock" when their quotes were submitted.

But while many agencies' pricing may be grossly inflated, there's no doubt that great creative concepts and expert execution can do wonders to enhance your company's image, and ultimately, your bottom line.

Consider Prometheus Productions for your next marketing project. With over 20 years of graphics and advertising experience, there's no creative challenge we can't handle.

Unlike most Mac-based ad/graphics shops, all of our work is done on Windows-based PC systems. This allows the work you've paid for to be easily integrated into your Windows/PC office environment.

Using email and proofing-at-a-distance internet file transfers
with a national clientele, Prometheus Productions is much more efficient than brick'n'mortar agencies using visiting account reps, whose travel and "face" time will be factored into your bill. This efficiency means our expenses are lower which results in
lower prices for our clients.

Contact us with details of your next marketing project. We'll be happy to work with you to provide a fast, fair quote.

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